Human resource management concept

People first, respect knowledge, respect talent and create excellent employer image brand.

Recruitment concept

Talent shall be perfectly matched with the position to make the best use of the talent.

Talent cultivating concept

By adhering to the “recruiting talents from outside as the auxiliary way while mainly cultivating the current talents and that the success of the employees is the cornerstone of the success of the enterprise” talent cultivating concept, SAJ offers full support for career development for all employee. SAJ pays attention to improvement of vocational quality and cultivates talents by combining both management development and technology development, to achieve win-win and all-win results for both the employees and the enterprise itself.

Salary & performance

By cooperation with world-famous human resource consultation company, SAJ divides positions into different classifications and makes quantitative evaluation on position value, has ensured interior fairness and established a salary system with strong competitive force in the industry and at local regions; by introducing the balanced scorecard, SAJ has founded a KPI index system of three grades: corporate grade, department grade, position grade, to inspire employee’s working performance and improve organization performance.

Employment relationship

SAJ strives to establish a humanistic environment and care about happiness index of all staff, and to establish an excellent employer image brand by methods such as management of working pressure of employee and Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

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