Founded in 2005, SAJ is one of the largest inverter manufacturers globally. In 2017, SAJ was ranked among the Top 10 global manufacturers of residential solar inverters by IHS. Persisting in technological innovation and customer-oriented services, SAJ has delpoyed a globalized market layout and optimized localized services. SAJ Australia is therefore set up.

Basing in Melbourne, SAJ Australia is a branch office of Guangzhou Sanjing Electric Co., Ltd (SAJ). Mainly providing on-grid solar inverters from 0.7K to 50K, hybrid storage solar inverter, AC retrofit battery system and monitoring platform, SAJ Australia has already developed a national-wide sales network in this country. In 2019, SAJ has achieved 25% market share of residential storage inverters in Australian PV market.

Competitive Products

Meeting on market demands and local grid requirements, SAJ Australia provides its latest product ranges. Among its products, SAJ Suntrio Plus 33K inverter received the TüV Rheinland “All Quality Matters” Award for Commercial Use in 2018 while its latest product range, the R5 Series Rooftop Solar Inverter, won the TÜV Rheinland "All Quality Matters" Award for the PV Inverter for Home Use Category in 2019. High reliability, high efficiency, smart operation are the main feature of SAJ solar products.

Reliability and Safety

SAJ has put safety in the top priority while designing our products. SAJ solar products launched in Australia have met the standards of 16 Australian grid companies. This safety setting could be configured via eSolar Portal, a cloud-based monitoring platform developed by SAJ for for data monitoring, remote maintenance and energy management.

SAJ solar products have been insured by world No.1 insurance company. Furthermore, SAJ Australia provides 5+5 years of warranty program.

Quick Service Response

To guarantee quick service response, SAJ Australia has set up a warehouse and technical support team basing in local area.

For any problems, customer could contact our 7*24H online service team. Technical support services are provided for project investment, instruction and commissioning.

Local warehouse guarantees a quick response for customers’ orders need. Further it also provides benefit for backup support. For the needed cases, SAJ Australia would provide backup inverters or changes spare parts depending on customers’ situation, dedicating ourselves to solve customer problem in time.

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*Landline: 03 8353 1112
Address:17 Silicon Pl, Tullamarine VIC 3043, Australia

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